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ISSC 2016, Jakarta: A next step forward in the development of Street Soccer game

Malaysia, Romania, Lithuania and Indonesia end up as the top 4 teams in the first ever International Street Soccer Championship which was held from the 7th till 9th of October 2016 in Jakarta. It was part of the 6th TAFISA games which was succesfully organized from the 5th till 12th October in Anchol Jakarta, Indonesia.


It was a great experience for all of us. 8 other countries participated including Pakistan, Ghana, Russia, Switzerland, Papua New Guinea, India, and Palestine. This event has brought all the countries together in which an agreement has been made in that memorable night on the 10th of October 2016 at Golden Boutique Hotel Jakarta. We made a declaration to make another step ahead together, by starting to form a world class association for the development of Street Soccer sport. This was witnessed by all teams from participating countries in our appreciation dinner cum closing ceremony.


We believe that Street Soccer is a simple and a powerful sport which can bring many people together around the world. Back to Malaysia, we continue our effort to develop this game. As our tagline Dream Big; we want everybody that has the talent to keep believe in themselves and play street soccer into a higher level. Participate through our series of tournaments around the country and seek the opportunity to play for our country in future.

Thanks to founder Heineken Laluan together with Nik Iruwan, Sports Planet Kuching, Saiful Bahri, sponsors, Lea Sports Centre and Persela FC for their contribution, support and commitment to bring up this sport. We have discussed on our strategic planning for the coming months to organize a series of tournaments at national and international level. 


Stay tune and Dream Big!